Top 10 Routine Builders: Organization Help for ADHD Children | ADDitude – Attention Deficit Information & Resources

  1. Need organization help? Follow our checklist to create routines that help your child grow and learn.
  2. Give specific instructions. “Put away the toys on your carpet on the shelf in the closet.” Be consistent — if the toys are stored on the shelf one night, they should be put there every night. Children need to know precisely what you expect.
  3. Assign tasks that your child is capable of doing on his own. Success builds confidence. The goal is to teach your child to do things independently.
  4. Involve your child in discussions about rules and routines. It will help him understand goals and teach him to accept responsibility.

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Being PART of a relationship

Daniel Siegel, MD discusses the importance of presence, attunement, resonance, and trust in developing attachment between children and parents. He is very good at creating handy acronyms, and uses PART to refer to these concepts. His work is amazing and I highly recommend it (see this link:

As PARTners or PARenTs, our relationships benefit from a daily dose of: a present moment together, with focused attention, to lovingly respond and enhance trust. That is a long sentence but the time it takes to read it, is about as much time as it takes to do it.

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A Question of Presence…and Absence

Welcome to the first post of my blog. Today I want to talk about presence.

How can we demonstrate psychological presence to our children? How can we deepen psychological presence with our partner? How can we find enough energy to be present both at work and at home?

Those questions occurred to me as I read fascinating research in Interpersonal Neurobiology. Daniel Siegel, MD, psychiatrist and researcher, writes about the importance of presence, attunement, resonance, and trust in building attachment in healthy relationships.

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