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Seeking help for you or your family is a brave and sensitive endeavor.  Finding the right person to talk to, to trust, and help you take action requires a commitment for both you and your therapist. 

It can seem complicated to find a way to make the most of your unique skills and abilities while maintaining a healthy balance of work and relationships.  Everybody in the family has their part in making a happy family life, but one person can start making a change for everybody to benefit. We are here to help you sort out the tangle of past and present stressors to create a calmer, more confident, more connected pattern of interaction in your life or for your family.

Laguna Family Therapy can help you figure out how to reduce behavior problems, relationship difficulties, school and work stressors, and create a family life that supports and nurtures each member.  We invite you to start finding the benefits of change.  Contact us for a free telephone consultation.

Mary Herzog, PhD

(949) 910-9344


Practice Statement

I am a licensed psychologist whose research and practice in dance, education, and psychology support my innovative use of the most effective and empirically based treatment strategies.

How I Can Help

From your first appointment, my goal is to help you figure out your current obstacles and how to get past them. I will listen carefully to your concerns, ask a few questions and then try to provide an accurate and compassionate summary of my understanding of your situation.

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Kirk Andrews, MA, LMFT, BC-DMT

(949) 933-9761

Kirk Andrews Therapist

Personal Profile

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) who specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement, couples and family therapy.

I have been licensed as an LMFT for 26 years and registered as a dance/movement therapist for 24 years.  I teach meditation techniques as part of my therapy practice, and was an intercollegiate athlete in two sports.

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