Parent Play Dates

Parent Play Dates

A four week experience designed to keep loving attention and playful connection in your busy lives.

Part One

Play Date Nights

Are your children the only ones in the house who are giggling, playing around, being the center of attention, spontaneously hugging and kissing, and loving every minute of life? Parents can play together, too, but sometimes the transition from parent to playmate is elusive. Schedule a babysitter for the evening and start with an hour-long coaching session on fun ways to increase intimacy and connection with your partner.

Part Two

Family Play Date

After three coaching sessions, come for one session especially designed for you and your family. Bring your children and discover ways of playing that build family communication and connection.

Your play dates can be with just your partner and family individually, or within a small group of 2-3 families.

Cost: $200 for 4 sessions.

Couples in Motion

Classes held Mondays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Moving to Reconnect

Couples in Motion is a program for couples to increase trust, intimacy, and communication using elements of dance partnering and mindfulness. Build on your skills and strengths with creative activities that are playful, sensual, and fun. Couples in Motion is less about talking and more about moving toward enhancing your connection, awareness, and responsiveness to each other.

Held in a private movement studio in Laguna Beach, the program includes an initial assessment followed by four weeks of group sessions. During the assessment meeting, you will identify your individual and shared goals. The group will consist of four to five couples and will be tailored to address each couple’s overall objectives.

Kirk Andrews, LMFT and Mary Herzog, PhD are licensed psychotherapists, dance teachers, and a married couple. They have researched interpersonal connection in dance and psychology for over 20 years.

The fee for this program is $400.