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ADHD and the Interest-Based Nervous System

Most people are neurologically equipped to determine what’s important and get motivated to do it, even when it doesn’t interest them. Then there are the rest of us, who have attention deficit. Source: ADHD and the Interest-Based Nervous System

8 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

We know mindfulness is good for us. Mindfulness allows us to be present in our parenting, choosing a skillful response, instead of succumbing to our visceral reactions. Mindfulness is also good for our kids. There is an emerging body of research that indicates mindfulness can help children improve their abilities to pay attention, to calm down when they are […]

The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself

Not only can the brain learn new tricks, but it can also change its structure and function–even in old age It was a fairly modest experiment, as these things go, with volunteers trooping into the lab at Harvard Medical School to learn and practice a little five-finger piano exercise. Neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone instructed the members […]

This is Your Brain on Mindfulness

Click here to read the article. Meditators say their practice fundamentally changes the way they experience life. MICHAEL BAIME reports on how modern neuroscience is explaining this in biological terms.

Being PART of a relationship

Daniel Siegel, MD discusses the importance of presence, attunement, resonance, and trust in developing attachment between children and parents. He is very good at creating handy acronyms, and uses PART to refer to these concepts. His work is amazing and I highly recommend it (see this link: http://DrDanSiegel.com). As PARTners or PARenTs, our relationships benefit […]